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Registration (in the hotel lobby - upstairs)

  • 18.00 – 19.00 Tuesday 26 February 2013
  • 08.30 – 09.30 Wednesday 27 February 2013


  • Regular paper presentations: 25 min. + 5 min. discussion
  • Short paper presentations: 10 min. + 5 min. discussion
  • Work-in-progress presentations: 10 min

For room assignments see below.

Wednesday 27th February 2013

8:30 Registration (in the lobby - upstairs)

9:30 Opening Session [Chair: Peter Kilpatrick] (McWilliam 1)

10:00 Keynote 1 (Kevin Hammond) [Chair: Peter Kilpatrick] (McWilliam 1)

11:00 Coffee

Distributed and Network-based Computing 1 [Chair: Carmen Carrión] (McWilliam 1)

11:30 Cost-efficient Project Management Based on Distributed Processing Model

Grzegorz Pawinski and Krzysztof Sapiecha

12:00 VisIVO Workflow-Oriented Science Gateway for Astrophysical Visualization

Eva Sciacca, Marilena Bandieramonte, Ugo Becciani, Alessandro Costa, Mel Krokos, Piero Massimino, Catia Petta, Costantino Pistagna, Simone Riggi, and Fabio Vitello

12:30 Asynchronous Work Stealing on Distributed Memory Systems

Shigang Li, Jingyuan Hu, Xin Cheng and Chongchong Zhao

12:45 Towards Modeling Interconnection Networks of Exascale Systems with OMNet++

Pedro Yebenes, Jesus Escudero-Sahuquillo, Pedro J. Garcia, and Francisco J. Quiles

Parallel Computing 1 [Chair: Amund Skavhaug] (McWilliam 2)

11:30 Consistency Check through O-GEHL Predictors

Ehsan Atoofian

12:00 Concurrent Collections on Distributed Memory: Theory Put Into Practice

Frank Schlimbach, James C. Brodman, and Kath Knobe

12:30 Performance Evaluation of Container-based Virtualization for High Performance Computing Environments

Miguel G. Xavier, Marcelo V. Neves, Fabio D. Rossi, Tiago C. Ferreto, Timoteo Lange, and Cesar A. F. De Rose

Special Session on Grid, Parallel and Distributed Bioinformatics Applications [Chair: Ivan Merelli] (Middleton)

11:30 Parallel stochastic simulators in system biology: the evolution of the species

Marco Aldinucci, Maurizio Drocco, Fabio Tordini, Mario Coppo, and Massimo Torquati

12:00 Solving the Linearized Poisson-Boltzmann Equation on GPUs Using CUDA

José Colmenares, Jesús Ortiz, Sergio Decherchi, Amir Fijany, and Walter Rocchia

12:30 A Parallel Implementation of the Stau-DPP Stochastic Simulator for the Modelling of Biological Systems

Ettore Mosca, Ivan Merelli, Luciano Milanesi, Andrea Clematis, and Daniele D'Agostino

12:45 Pairwise sequence alignment method for distributed shared memory systems

Alberto Montañola, Concepció Roig and Porfidio Hernández

13:00 Lunch

Distributed and Network-based Computing 2 [Chair: Marco Danelutto] (McWilliam 1)

14:30 Design and Evaluation of a Virtual Experimental Environment for Distributed Systems

Luc Sarzyniec, Tomasz Buchert, Emmanuel Jeanvoine and Lucas Nussbaum

15:00 An Evaluation of Efficient Leader Election Algorithms for Crash-Recovery Systems

Carlos Gómez-Calzado, Mikel Larrea, Iratxe Soraluze, Alberto Lafuente and Roberto Cortiñas

15:30 Power Grid Time Series Data Analysis with PIG on a Hadoop Cluster compared to MultiCore Systems

Felix Bach, Hueseyin K. Çakmak, Heiko Maaß and Uwe Kühnapfel

15:45 Bag of Tasks Rescheduling within Real Grid Environments: Different Approaches

Luis Tomás, Blanca Caminero, and Carmen Carrión

Parallel Computing 2 [Chair: Frank Schlimbach] (McWilliam 2)

14:30 Identifying Critical Code Sections in Dataflow Programming Models

Vladimir Subotic, Jose Carlos Sancho, Jesus Labarta and Mateo Valero

15:00 Performance Traps in OpenCL for CPUs

Jie Shen, Jianbin Fang, Henk Sips and Ana Lucia Varbanescu

15:30 A Delegation Mechanism on Many-Core Oriented Hybrid Parallel Computers for Scalability of Communicators and Communications in MPI

Kazumi Yoshinaga, Yuichi Tsujita, Atsushi Hori, Mikiko Sato, Mitaro Namiki and Yutaka Ishikawa

Special Session on GPU Computing and Hybrid Computing 1 [Chair: Didier El Baz] (Middleton)

14:30 Optimization Techniques for Dimensionally Truncated Sparse Grids on Heterogeneous Systems

Andrei Deftu and Alin Murarasu

15:00 3D bubbly flow simulation on the GPU - Iterative Solution of linear system using sub-domain and level-set deflation

Rohit Gupta, Martin Bastiaan van Gijzen, and Cornelis Vuik

15:30 A GPU algorithm design for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Libor Bukata and Premysl Sucha

16:00 Coffee

Advanced Algorithms and Applications 1 [Chair: Marco Aldinucci] (McWilliam 1)

16:30 A Distributed Eigensolver for Loosely Coupled Networks

Hana Strakova and Wilfried N. Gansterer

17:00 Efficient Cooperative Discovery of Service Compositions in Unstructured P2P Networks

Angelo Furno and Eugenio Zimeo

17:30 Impact of Data Structure Layout on Performance

Nuno Faria, Rui Silva and João L. Sobral

17:45 Distributed Iterative Solution of Numerical Simulation Problems on Infiniband and Ethernet Clusters via the P2PSAP Self-Adaptive Protocol

Serge Romaric Tembo, The Tung Nguyen and Didier El Baz

Data Intensive Computing [Chair: Massimo Torquati] (McWilliam 2)

16:30 Scalable Huge Directories through OSD+ Devices

Ana Avilés-González, Juan Piernas and Pilar González-Férez

17:00 Access to the DARIAH Bit Preservation Service for Humanities Research Data

Danah Tonne, Jedrzej Rybicki, Stefan E. Funk and Peter Gietz

17:30 Scalability and Efficiency of Database Queries on Future Many-core Systems

Panayiotis Petrides, Andreas Diavastos, Constantinos Christofi and Pedro Trancoso

Special Session on GPU Computing and Hybrid Computing 2 [Chair: Didier El Baz] (Middleton)

16:30 ELMO: A User-Friendly API to Enable Local Memory in OpenCL Kernels

Jianbin Fang, Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Jie Shen and Henk Sips

17:00 Parallelizing Broad Phase Collision Detection Algorithms for Sampling Based Path Planners

Fuat Geleri, Oguz Tosun and Haluk Topcuoglu

17:30 Paralysis: An Extensible Multi-Tiered Guidance Environment for Program Parallelization and Analysis

Stuart McCool, Ran Shao, Peter Milligan and Fatih Kurugollu

19:00 Welcome Reception in the City Hall

Thursday 28th February 2013

Special Session on Security in Networked and Distributed Systems 1 [Chair: Igor Kotenko] (McWilliam 1)

09:00 Analytical Visualization Techniques for Security Information and Event Management

Evgenia Novikova and Igor Kotenko

09:30 Improved Reachability Analysis for Security Management

Cataldo Basile, Daniele Canavese, Antonio Lioy and Christian Pitscheider

Special Session on Cloud Computing on Infrastructure as a Service and its Applications 1 [Chair: João L. Sobral] (McWilliam 2)

09:00 Prediction-Based Dynamic Resource Allocation for Video Transcoding in Cloud Computing

Fareed A. Jokhio, Adnan Ashraf, Sebastien Lafond, Ivan Porres and Johan Lilius

09:30 Block Level Storage Support for Open Source IaaS Clouds

Sándor Ács, Mark Gergely, Peter Kacsuk and Miklos Kozlovszky

Special Session on GPU Computing and Hybrid Computing 3 [Chair: Didier El Baz] (Middleton)

09:00 Using GPU for Multi-agent Soil Simulation

Guillaume Laville, Kamel Mazouzi, Christophe Lang, Laurent Philipppe, and Nicolas Marilleau

09:30 Evaluation of successive CPUs/APUs/GPUs based on an OpenCL finite difference stencil

Henri Calandra, Romain Dolbeau, Pierre Fortin, Jean-Luc Lamotte and Issam Said

10:00 Keynote 2 (Alessandro Curioni) [Chair: Rainer Stotzka](McWilliam 1)

11:00 Coffee

Models and Tools [Chair: Rainer Stotzka] (McWilliam 1)

11:30 Genetic Algorithms Hierarchical Execution Control under a Global Application State Monitoring Infrastructure

Adam Smyk and Marek Tudruj

12:00 Dynamic Proliferation of Agents in a Multiple Agent System

Peter Lavin and Brian Coghlan

12:30 A RISC building block set for structured parallel programming

Marco Danelutto and Massimo Torquati

Special Session on On-Chip Parallel and Network-based Systems 1 [Chair: Nader Bagherzadeh] (McWilliam 2)

11:30 Fault Localizing End-to-End Flow Control Protocol for Networks-on-Chip

Gert Schley, Nikolaos Batzolis and Martin Radetzki

12:00 High Performance Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm for NoC-based Many-Core Systems

Masoumeh Ebrahimi, Masoud Daneshtalab and Juha Plosila

12:30 Core Mapping into an Irregular Network on Chip - Features Extraction System for Automatic Speech Recognition Case Study

Piotr Dziurzanski and Tomasz Maka

12:45 DyXYZ: Fully Adaptive Routing Algorithm for 3D NoCs

Masoumeh Ebrahimi, Xin Chang, Masoud Daneshtalab, Juha Plosila, Pasi Liljeberg, and Hannu Tenhunen

Special Session on Dynamic and Reliable Multicore Systems 1 [Chair: Amir-Mohammad Rahmani] (Middleton)

11:30 Making Communication a First-class Citizen in Multicore Partitioning

Poona Bahrebar, Ruxandra-Marina Florea, Wim Heirman, Leon Denis, Adrian Munteanu and Dirk Stroobandt

12:00 Enhancing Performance of 3D Interconnection Networks Using Efficient Multicast Communication Protocol

Sanaz Rahimi Moosavi, Amir-Mohammad Rahmani, Pasi Liljeberg, Juha Plosila and Hannu Tenhunen

12:30 QoS Manager for Energy Efficient Many-Core Operating Systems

Simon Holmbacka, Dag Ågren, Sébastien Lafond and Johan Lilius

13:00 Lunch

Advanced Algorithms and Applications 2 [Chair: Francisco Almeida] (McWilliam 1)

14:30 ReStream - A Replication Algorithm for Reliable and Scalable Multimedia Streaming

Shabnam Ataee, Benoît Garbinato and Fernando Pedone

15:00 Parallel Computing of Kernel Density Estimation with Different Multi-core Programming Models

Panagiotis D. Michailidis and Konstantinos G. Margaritis

15:30 Data Intensive Computing of X--ray Computed Tomography Reconstruction at the LSDF

Xiaoli Yang, Thomas Jejkal, Halil Pasic, Rainer Stotzka, Achim Streit, Jos van Wezel and Tomy Dos Santos Rolo

Special Session on On-Chip Parallel and Network-based Systems 2 [Chair: Masoud Daneshtalab] (McWilliam 2)

14:30 Impact of Message Based Fault Detectors on Applications Messages in a Network on Chip

Arne Garbade, Sebastian Weis, Sebastian Schlingmann, Bernhard Fechner and Theo Ungerer

15:00 A Reliability-Aware Multi-Application Mapping Technique in Networks-on-Chip

Fatemeh Khalili and Hamid R. Zarandi

15:30 Quality of Service Optimization for Network-on-Chip using Bandwidth-Constraint Mapping algorithm

Azadeh Eskandari, Ahmad Khademzadeh, Nader Bagherzadeh and Majid Janidarmian

15:45 Power and Performance Efficient Partial Circuits in Packet-Switched Networks-on-Chip

Nasibeh Teimouri, Mehdi Modarressi and Hamid Sarbazi-Azad

Special Session on Dynamic and Reliable Multicore Systems 2 [Chair: Amir-Mohammad Rahmani] (Middleton)

14:30 Towards a Graceful Degradable Multicore-System by Hierarchical Handling of Hard Errors

Sebastian Müller, Mario Schölzel and Heinrich Theodor Vierhaus

15:00 Task Migration for Dynamic Power and Performance Characteristics on Many-Core Distributed Operating Systems

Simon Holmbacka, Wictor Lund, Sébastien Lafond and Johan Lilius

15:30 Adaptive and Dynamic Quality-Aware Service Selection

David J. M. Cavalcanti, Fábio N. Souza, and Nelson S. Rosa

16:00 Coffee

Advanced Algorithms and Applications 3 [Chair: Peter Milligan] (McWilliam 1)

16:30 CACH-FTL: A Cache-Aware Configurable Hybrid Flash Translation Layer

Jalil Boukhobza, Pierre Olivier and Stéphane Rubini

17:00 Merging results from overlapping databases in distributed information retrieval

Shengli Wu and Jieyu Li

17:30 Mapping Tightly-Coupled Applications on Volatile Resources

Henri Casanova, Fanny Dufossé, Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien

Special Session on Energy-Aware Systems [Chair: Matthias Schmidt] (McWilliam 2)

16:30 Emulation-Based Test and Verification of a Design's Functional, Performance, Power, and Supply Voltage Behavior

Norbert Druml, Manuel Menghin, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss, Andreas Genser, Holger Bock and Josef Haid

17:00 A Comprehensive Approach for a Power Efficient General Purpose Supercomputer

Matthias Bach, Jan de Cuveland, Heiko Ebermann, Dominic Eschweiler, Jochen Gerhard, Sebastian Kalcher, Matthias Kretz, Volker Lindenstruth, Hans-Jürgen Lüdde, Manfred Pollok, and David Rohr

17:30 Analytical modeling of the energy consumption for the High Performance Linpack

Alberto Cabrera, Francisco Almeida, Vicente Blanco and Domingo Giménez

Systems and Architectures [Chair: Amund Skavhaug] (Middleton)

16:30 Parallel Patterns for General Purpose Many-Core

Daniele Buono, Marco Danelutto, Silvia Lametti and Massimo Torquati

17:00 Service Deployment Algorithms for Vertical Search Engines

Veronica Gil Costa, Alonso Inostrosa-Psijas, Mauricio Marin and Esteban Feuerstain

17:30 Heterogeneous Algorithmic Skeletons for FastFlow with Seamless Coordination over Hybrid Architectures

Mehdi Goli and Horacio González-Vélez

19:00 Conference Dinner in the Great Hall, Queen's University

Friday 1st March 2013

Special Session on Security in Networked and Distributed Systems 2 [Chair: Igor Kotenko] (McWilliam 1)

09:00 Simulation of Protection Mechanisms Based on "Nervous Network System" against Infrastructure Attacks

Igor Kotenko, Andrey Shorov and Evgenia Novikova

09:30 Secure Abstraction with Code Capabilities

Robbert Van Renesse, HÅvard Johansen, Nihar Naigaonkar and Dag Johansen

Special Session on Cloud Computing on Infrastructure as a Service and its Applications 2 [Chair: Sándor Ács] (McWilliam 2)

09:00 A cooperative approach for distributed task execution in autonomic clouds

Michele Amoretti, Alberto Lluch Lafuente and Stefano Sebastio

09:30 A Case Study on Algebraic Specification of Cloud Computing

Dongmei Liu, Hong Zhu, and Ian Bayley

09:45 SecMon: A Secure Introspection Framework for Hardware Virtualization

Xiaolong Wu, Yunwei Gao, Xinhui Tian, Ying Song, Bing Guo, Baiming Feng, and Yuzhong Sun

Special Session on Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Peer-to-peer Environments [Chair: Didier El Baz] (Middleton)

09:00 Investment strategies for credit-based P2P communities

Mihai Capota, Nazareno Andrade, Johan Pouwelse and Dick Epema

09:30 Location-Aware Traffic Analysis of a Peer-to-Peer Streaming Application in a HSPA Network

Philipp M. Eittenberger, Klaus Schneider, and Udo R. Krieger

09:45 Fewest Common Hops (FCH): An Improved Peer Selection Approach for P2P Applications

Humaira Ijaz, Sadia Saleem and Michael Welzl

10:00 Keynote 3 (Dimitrios Nikolopoulos) [Chair: Peter Milligan](McWilliam 1)

11:00 Coffee

Special Session on Work in Progress [Chairs: Karl-Erwin Grosspietsch, Konrad Klöckner] (McWilliam 1)

10 min. presentation

11:30 Data and Throughput Scalable Service-Oriented Datastore

Krzysztof Sapiecha, Grzegorz Lukawski, Adam Krechowicz

11:40 Dynamic Optimization of System Resource: A Method and Experimental Analysis

Rika Ito, Naoyuki Fujita

11:50 Content Replication Algorithm Considering Popularity per File Size for Reducing Transmission Delay

Ryohei Obara, Shinji Sugawara, Katsunori Yamaoka

12:00 Preliminary Evaluation of the Potential of Intracache-Line Optimization in Graph Processing

Noboru Tanabe, Sonoko Tomimori, Masami Takata, Kazuki Joe

12:10 Adding Support for CUFFT Library to GENE

Jacub Narebsi, Piotr Bala

12:20 A Rendering Unit Based On MPI

Weifeng Liu, Bin Gong

12:30 Lossless Audio Compression Using Cumulative Prediction Error Elimination Block

Grzegorz Ulacha, Piotr Dziurzanski

12:40 Improving the TrustedPals Framework Using Paxos

Christian Fernández-Campusano, Roberto Cortinas, Mikel Larrea

12:50 Parallel Processing of Cryptographic Algorithms Based on Accelerating Hardware

Olga Kuznetsova, Alexey Krutikov, Tanya Silaeva

13:00 OpenFlow as a Security Enabling Solution in Large Scale Networked Systems

Gabriella Carrozza, Vittorio Manetti, Stefano Avallone, Roberto Canonico, Antonio Marotta

13:00 Lunch

Advanced Algorithms and Applications 4 [Chair: Daniele D'Agostino] (McWilliam 1)

14:30 Distributed Ontology-Driven Focused Crawling

Rodrigo Campos, Oscar Rojas, Mauricio Marin and Marcelo Mendoza

15:00 The HPC Testbed of the Italian Grid Infrastructure

R. Alfieri, S. Arezzini, G. B. Barone, U. Becciani, M. Bencivenni, V. Boccia, D. Bottalico, L. Carracciuolo, D. Cesini, A. Ciampa, A. Costantini, S. Cozzini, R. De Pietri, M. Drudi, A. Ghiselli, E. Mazzoni, S. Ottani, A. Venturini, and P. Veronesi

Special Session on On-Chip Parallel and Network-based Systems 3 [Chair: Masoud Daneshtalab] (McWilliam 2)

14:30 CPNoC: On Using Constraint Programming in Design of Network-on-Chip Architecture

Ayhan Demiriz, Nader Bagherzadeh and Abdulaziz Alhussien

15:00 ILP-Based Communication Reduction for Heterogeneous 3D Network-on-Chips

Ismail Akturk and Ozcan Ozturk